Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Product Review: Weishi 9306-G Safety Razor

Here is my review of the Weishi 9306-G Safety Razor:

The Weishi 9306 comes in a blue plastic travel case which has a mirror under the lid. You also get a free Dorco blade.

The plating and finish are excellent. No noticeable flaws. The razor has a butterfly guard which opens by turning the nub at the bottom of the handle. The butterfly mechanism seems solid and works as intended. The square pattern tooling is very pronounced on the handle and the grip is secure (even with wet or soapy hands). The razor weighs approximately 56 grams. Not a heavy razor but not too light either. Feels good in the hand.


Dropped in a Merkur Super Platinum blade. The blade reveal looks good and straight. I lathered up with Valobra Almond soap and set to work.

This a very mild and gentle razor. I was previously using an unforgiving FaTip grande razor which was ultra aggressive, so it was a major relief to use a razor that wasn't going to chop you up if made the slightest mistake. The Weishi is easy to manoeuvre and the weight seems just right.

After three passes the result was a super smooth, clean shave. No nicks, cuts or irritation. I was impressed. The build quality of this razor might not be in the league of Merkur or Edwin Jagger, but the shave I experienced was very enjoyable. Easy and gentle.

I would highly recommend this razor to wet shaving beginners (especially those who want to try wet shaving without making a big investment).  The butterfly guard also makes for quick and easy blade changes.  For seasoned wet shavers, it’s always good to have a milder razor in your rotation for travel and quick shaves.

Verdict: A very good razor at a nice price point. Definitely a class above other budget Chinese manufactured razors.

* The Weishi 9306 is now available from River Valley Trading for 179.99 (including travel case and 5 free Supermax blades. The razor is also available as part of our wet shaving starter kit.

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