Thursday, 14 August 2014

Product Review: Parker 89R Safety Razor

Here's a product review of the Parker 89R safety razor courtesy of River Valley Trading crew member Riaz:

Before I give my thoughts on the Parker 89R let me tell you a bit about my previous razor the Parker 22R.

I received the Parker 22R as a gift about 2 years ago. At that stage I was using the cartridge system (Mach3 , Fusion etc) and even flirted with disposables a few times. So when I received the 22R my initial thought was it looked solid and it had weight - another tool for the chore of shaving (or so I thought).

So I took it home and lathered with Nivea shaving gel and gave it a go. I was pleasantly surprised. A great shave, better than any of the new fangled cartridge systems out there presently. In the next few days I got a stick of Arko shave soap  and that took it to another level. An even better shave. The gels and foams in a can are absolute junk.

For the next two years the Parker 22R is what I used. Butterfly style loading was easy. The weight and control was good. Solidly built item with great performance.

Then recently I acquired a 3 piece Parker 89R. A beautiful razor. Solidly built with a serious look about it. Loaded the same blade from the 22R directly into the 89R. Lathered up with the Samsol and gave it a go.

Wow, I thought the 22R was good. This is even better. I felt it more aggressive than the 22R but not harsh at all. The 22R is a very forgiving razor - a good place to start. The 89R is easy to handle and maneuver and the shave is ultra close. I have never experienced anything like this before. Cartridge shave systems don’t even come close. This gives you a tight clean shave like nothing I ever experienced before without being harsh on the skin.

Verdict: A great razor that can give you barbershop quality shaves consistently.

After the shave I lathered up gain to let the good stuff in the cream work on my face for a minute. Washed it off, then used an Alum stone to ‘seal the deal’.

The Parker 89R  - what a fantastic razor!

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