Friday, 29 August 2014

Product Review: Parker 22R Safety Razor

Here is our review of the Parker 22R Safety Razor: 

I received the 22R as a gift just over 2 years ago. At that time I was using the cartridge system that is the norm today. Just another tool for shaving I thought. But boy was I wrong.

My initial thoughts were that this thing is heavy. Looks nice though , gun metal finish and easy twist to open guard to load blades. I decided to give it a try. My first shave was with gel from a can. A dry shave you could say. But the results were better than a cartridge shave. Very encouraging.

Over the next few days I got a cheap brush which I am still using today and a stick of Arko. Now that took it to another level . The shave was close and comfortable better than any cartridge system I ever used. 

I have never looked back since. I used it solidly for just over two years. The build quality is good. It is very heavy (approximately 91 grams). Changing blades is super fast and easy and a nice comfortable shave.

I still have the R22 and it is still rock solid (even after dropping it a few times).

Can’t really think of many negatives about this razor - the only thing that comes to mind that it does collect soap scum. So you have to clean it properly every now and again. This is minor in my books.

Apart from that, the mechanism has never failed and it performed its duties with aplomb.

The R22 , has sentimental value for me. I have now retired it as I am using a 3 piece. But it will always have special place for me. Even if I had not retired it, I am sure it would have outlived me.

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