Monday, 4 August 2014

Product Review: Jolly Shave Cream

Jolly shave cream has been manufactured by the CHEMCOS company in Pakistan since 1972 and holds a dominant position in the shave cream market sector. It is widely used by barbers and wet shavers alike. Even in South Africa, this is the shave cream of choice for most (if not all) Pakistani barbers. 

For this review I used the 120 gram tube. As far as presentation goes, the shave cream comes in a standard twist cap plastic tube. The cap opens and closes easily with the only minor drawback being that the cap is smooth and does not have the easy-grip edge. When  using this cream I recommend taking the cap off before you get your hands soapy or wet. 

Once uncapped, the fragrance is clean, slightly fruity and very fresh. The cream is lightly scented and is not overbearing. 

I squeezed out just a large pea-sized amount of cream, and started working it up with my Muhle badger brush. The cream lathers up easily and fast. The lather is very rich and creamy. This is one cream that should be used sparingly. A little Jolly  really does go a long way. 

I was surprised how easy and mild the lather is on the surface of the skin. The lather goes on cleanly and comfortably.  It offers excellent cushion and protection. The razor glide is beautiful and the shave is silky smooth. However, the cream does tend to leave a very slight amount of residue on the face. The lather holds together very well, and lasted well through 2 passes.

The thing that amazed me most about the jolly lather is how soothing and mild it was. No tingling or irritation. Absolutely perfect for everyday usage. The fragrance is very mild so there's no fear of a clash with your favourite aftershave balm / splash. 

Conclusion:  Jolly is a cream that really stands up to more illustrious brands and is fast becoming my 'go to' shave cream. Value for money is amazing - the 120 gram tube costs R29.99. As I have mentioned, a little is all you need for a good shave so the tube will last a long time. I can see why this is the first choice for barbers. I highly recommend Jolly shave cream - great value and a great shave.

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