Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Product Review: Muhle Shave Soap

The Muhle company has been manufacturing premium quality shaving products in the German mountain countryside (near Stutzengrun)  since 1945. The Muhle name is synonymous with high quality, elegant design and presicion engineering. Originally specialising in brushes and razors, Muhle unveiled their skin care range in 2008. The range consisted of soaps, creams and aftershave lotions, all made from 99% natural products. In this review I will be covering the Muhle Sea Buckthorn shave soap.

The 65 gram puck of soap comes plastic wrapped and packaged in a neat cardboard box. The first thing that hits when you open the box is the fragrance: fruity and somewhat sweet, fresh with definite hints of citrus. A very refreshing  scent indeed.  

My first impression of the soap puck is that it is very hard. You won't be able to mold it to fit a smaller bowl.  I decided to use my Simpson badger brush for this review. 

I soaked may brush, shook off the excess water, then added a few drops of warm water to the soap and started working up the lather. This soap is hard so it does take a bit longer to load up the brush. I suggest you take your time when lathering with this soap. You do have to work it just a bit more but the rewards are great. The lather is very rich, creamy and fragrant. I was really impressed with the foam. 

The lather is very luxurious on the face and provides ample cushion and glide for the razor. The foam lasted well through two passes and didn't dry out too quickly. 

The best part about the soap is how it leaves the skin feeling afterwards. Absolutely no patchiness,  irritation  or dryness. It washes off easy and leaves no residue. The skin is left feeling soft, supple and refreshed. 

 The 65g puck sells for 149.99*. The price is fairly high, however these are high quality triple milled soaps. A single puck should take you a long way (probably 3 months). Also, Muhle has taken the extra effort to use essential oils and all natural ingredients. So this is a good choice for people who don't like animal products. 

Conclusion: Apart from the fragrance being too sweet for some tastes, this is a high quality soap that gives a really fine shave experience. Overall, a worthy addition to your shave soap rotation. 

*Includes a free metal bowl.

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