Friday, 8 August 2014

Product Review: Arko Shave Soap

River Valley Trading crew member Riaz has submitted a  review of Arko Shave Soap: 

Manufactured in Turkey, Arko  is a brand that has a long tried and trusted heritage. I have been using it in my rotation for 2 years now. This was my first shave soap (given to me when I was still involved in the folly of cartridge, gel, foam gimmickry). My current razor is a  Parker R22 butterfly double edge (Review to come soon).

The soap comes in a foil wrapped 65 gram stick, and is pliable enough to be molded into any bowl.  It has an old world feel to it. The fragrance is distinct. Very clean and not too strong. I wet the tip of the stick under warm water then apply directly onto the face lightly. After getting fairly decent coverage with the soap I then work it up with a moist brush. I was using a regular bristle brush that I received as a gift. 

The Arko soap lathers up great. You can work it up thick or thin as you want. A very compliant soap and the foam is rich and very creamy. The cushion and razor glide is brilliant. Silky smooth. I do feel though that it is harder to wash off compared to others.

After the shave is complete I lather up again and let it sit for a minute or two then wash off  (I do this with all shave creams). I find that the cream leaves the skin soft and invigorated. I finish off the shave with an alum stone. Results are  a perfect shave. 

The Arko shave stick is easy to use and is perfect for travelling or camping. Very good value for money - I’ve had my stick going on to 2 years now and there is still some left. A great product with a proud heritage, that is sought after and used by wet shavers worldwide. Highly recommended. 

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