Monday, 25 August 2014

Product Review: RiMei Safety Razor

The RiMei double edge safety Razor has been getting some positive feedback as a good value for money safety razor.  Our crew member Riaz took it for a spin and shared his thoughts:

So this weekend Mo from River Valley showed me the new Rimei safety razor that is up for sale.  It’s a 3 piece - somewhat light (approximately  52 grams). In fact, he was not too happy about the casting of the razor and wanted my opinion.

It looked good to me, not top notch like the Parker 89R I use. But looked good none the less. I took it apart and fitted a Derby Extra blade from the 89R.

The blade reveal initially looked really open so I was thinking this is going to be really aggressive.

Later on that day I took it for a test drive. I lathered with Samsol (My safest bet  when going into the unknown -  the cushion and glide from the Samsol is amazing!)

I was pleasantly surprised. An extremely mild razor. For its lack of weight,  a very clean shave with minimal discomfort. Easy to manoeuvre. No nicks or cuts.

Tried it again this morning with the body shop lather (A lather which in my opinion is not up there with the Jolly, Samsol , Arkos of this world). I was expecting a few nicks or cuts.

But to my surprise no nicks or cuts. Very mild shaving experience. Mildest DE shave I ever experienced. Easy to handle and quick.

I am sticking with this for the next few months.  Lets see how it holds up long term.

Verdict:  This is a budget razor that offers excellent value for money!

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