Friday, 11 November 2016

Acrylic Handle Shave brushes

These shave brushes are made from cast Polyester acrylic rods. Each brush is turned by hand on a lathe.  All made by a master craftsman here in South Africa. 

(This pattern is called Snow Leopard)

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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Products Review: K Shave Worx Soap


I first encountered K Shave Worx soaps when I was sent a few samples by a friend, and fellow wet shaver, from the USA. K Shave Worx is run by husband and wife team Kevin and Kelly Daugherty (USA). They are passionate about traditional wet shaving and soap making. They have gained a reputation for top preforming shave soaps, with scent profiles that are quirky and fun. 


For this review I used the Major Wood scent profile. The soap comes in a plastic screw top tub. Each tub contains 2oz (approximately 60 grams) of soap. This might seem a bit small, but from the samples I tested I found that a little goes a very long way this soap.  The soap maker describes this scent as a combination of Oudwood, Teakwood and Cardamom. To my nose this soap has a very clean, fresh woody scent, that reminds me of a woody cologne. It's not the strongest scent, but you can certainly pick it up when the tub is opened.   The consistency is of this soap would be somewhere in the middle between hard and soft.

My brush for this review was a High Mountain badger brush (that I use as my reference brush for all  soap reviews). I  soaked the brush, shook off the excess water, wet the top of the soap, and started loading up the brush.  The soap loaded easy enough, and after about 15 seconds of loading I started face lathering. As I expected from the samples I tested, the soap explodes into a rich, thick shiny lather. The quality of this lather is incredible.  Now onto the shave.

This soap has excellent slide and cushion. The lather is stable, long lasting, and after three clean passes I still had enough lather for a few more passes. After you wash the soap off, it leaves the skin feeling very soft. Excellent post shave feel.

In conclusion: This soap is a top performer!  The quality of the lather is brilliant, and the ingredients are of a very high quality. As mentioned earlier, you don't need to use much to get a great shave. Excellent cost per shave ratio. Highly recommended!

* K Shave Worx soaps are in stock at River Valley Trading.We are pleased to bring these excellent soaps to the South African market.

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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Photo Gallery: Tambuti Wood Razor and Brush

Here is photo gallery of a hand made Tambuti wood razor and brush set. This is a highly prized South African hardwood that is notorious for being extremely difficult to work with. The brush and razor set was turned by a South African artisan.

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Friday, 4 September 2015

Photo Gallery: South African Indigenous Wood Handles

We teamed up with a master wood turner South Africa to create some uniquely South African wood handle brushes and razors.  The first batch was made from a wood called Waboom (Wagon Tree). This a very special uniquely South African wood also known as Protea Nitida. It is the only Protea that grows into a tree with usable timber. It is named Waboom (Wagon tree) because in the in the old Ox-wagon days, the wood form this tree was used to make wagon wheels and brake blocks. This tree is now protected and wood stock is extremely rare to find. The grain pattern is distinct with extremely fine detail. It almost resembles snake skin.

These sets are made with African Blackwood. This is a wood that very highly sought after.