Thursday, 7 August 2014

Shaving Tip: Keeping Your Sideburns Even

Here's a handy tip for ensuring your sideburns always stay even length on either side:

It's something that most of us take for granted, but with wet shaving the chance of lopping off a chunk of your sideburns is slightly higher due to the nature of the razor. For most people the shave begins at the end of their sideburns.

When lathering up with a shaving brush you want to get decent coverage over your face and beard so the lines between beard and sideburns often get obscured by foam. This increases the risk of uneven sideburns.

The solution to this problem is fairly simple: After you lather up and set down your brush. Wet your index finger with warm water and outline all the margins in which you want to shave. I recommend removing the excess soap completely from the bottom of your sideburns (you can also do the same around your lips, nostrils, earlobes and bottom of the neck area). You now have the margins of your shave area clearly defined. The starting point of the shave can now be clearly seen, so there's no chance of having one side of your sideburns much shorter than the other. An added advantage is the that in removing the excess is that you give the remaining soap just a few extra seconds to work on softening the facial skin before shaving (this pause is recommended by most soap manufacturers, but often ignored).

Remember folks, as the old Gillette radio ads used to say: "Look sharp, stay sharp!" .

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