Friday, 21 August 2015

Product Review: LEA Menthol Shave Cream

LEA shave cream is manufactured in Spain.  The company has been making skin care products since 1823 and has a great reputation amongst the Spanish wet shaving community. This is a review of the LEA Mentholated shave cream.

The cream comes in a 100ml metal tube with a screw top lid. The convenient 100ml size allows it to be taken as hand luggage on aircraft. 

 LEA Sensitive shave cream is a personal favourite here at RVT. The performance, scent and lather is excellent. I was keen to see if the mentholated version would match up.  I need not have worried. 

The added menthol enhances the scent profile of this cream. Similar notes to the LEA sensitive but somehow made a bit more intense by the menthol addition.  I squeezed out an almond size blob into my shave bowl and lathered it up with a damp badger brush. Wow! The lather is brilliant. Creamy, with a slick sheen. 

On the face you pick up the menthol cooling effect. It is not as strong as Godrej Blue, but the menthol is definitely noticeable. I was using a vintage straight razor for this test and there was excellent slide, protection, and cushioning. I had more than enough lather for three passes and the lather was stable throughout. 

My verdict: The great performance of LEA sensitive cream, with the extra 'zing' of menthol. A match made in heaven (for me). highly recommended.

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