Thursday, 20 August 2015

Product Review: Ach Brito Lavanda Shave Cream

Ach Brito Lavanda shave cream is manfactured in Portugal by the Ach Brito company (manufacturing high quality soaps for over a century).  They are swell known for their Mediterranean and fresh lavender scents. 

The cream comes in a high quality 100g metal tube with a screw top lid.  The tube uses a slightly narrower nozzle, but it does give slightly more control over how much you squeeze out (an almond size blob normally does the job nicely). The cream is Lavender scented and the formulation has a coconut oil base, and enriched with Lanolin and oat extract. I had good expectations for this cream because it comes form the same company that makes Top Secret cream (one of the slickest creams we have tested).

I soaked my badger brush in warm water and then decided to lather up. I wring out most of the water from the brush then add in more water as I need to the lather mix. I did notice that this cream does require a bit more water to get going but, once the mix is right, the result is a rich creamy lather. 

The lavender scent is not too strong, but is pleasant and fresh. The lather is very gentle on the face and I noticed no irritation at all. I was using a Fatip Grande razor for this shave and there was plenty of lather for three passes. The lather is stable and does not dissipate. I found the slickness and cushion to be very good and the shave experience to be very smooth. 

The highlight of this shave cream (for me) is the skin care property. After the shave my face felt very soft and smooth. 

Overall, I find this cream to be an excellent performer. Highly recommended. 

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