Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Product Review: Vasmol Extra Lather Shave Cream

Vasmol shave cream is manufactured in India by the Hygenic Research Institute and they have been making cosmetics since the 1950's. The shave cream comes in 3 different varieties: Lemony Splash, Cool Mist, and Extra Lather. For this review I was using  the Extra Lather. 

The cream comes in a standard plastic 125 gram tube with a twist off cap. The scent is fresh and clean. It reminds me of a mix between fabric softener and shampoo. Quite different from the Pakistani creams (Jolly, Samsol, Oxford). 

Now to get down to business - I used an almond size drop of cream and lathered it up in the palm of my hand using a Simpson's Duke brush. I was impressed. The lathering was quick and very easy. The scent also opens up a bit more as you work the brush. Add in a few more drops of water and the cream begins to shine (in every sense of the word). The lather becomes rich, tight and amazingly slick. The cream also lives up to it's name. There was plenty of lather. More than enough for my usual two and a half pass shave.

I lathered up my whiskers, let the lather sit for a bit, and went about the job with a Weishi 9306g loaded with a Treet Platinum blade (this combination seems to be a match made in heaven). The shave was silky smooth thanks mostly to the super slickness of the lather.  No nicks, cuts or irritation. Just a good clean shave with hardly any soap residue left on the face. 

In addition the brilliant lathering qualities, this cream has excellent skin conditioning properties as well. You will notice your skin feeling very soft after shaving. Your brush will also feel soft and flufffy (as if it's just been given a shampoo treatment at a salon). 

The more I use this cream, the more I like it, The scent, cushion, glide,  and the baby soft skin feel afterwards make this an excellent shave cream. The lathering properties are amazing and a little will take you a very long way. Excellent for wet shaving beginners. Just bring a wet brush anywhere near this cream and you will get lather. The 125 gram tube costs R29.99 and is well worth it. 

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